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blogging is a long-term strategy like building empires

5 Reasons Your Professional Services Firm Needs to Blog

Professional services is an industry that stands to benefit the most from blogging. This article gives you five solid reasons why.

Top Metrics to Pay Attention to in Your Digital Marketing Ads Report

Top Metrics to Pay Attention to In Your Digital Marketing Ads Report

Reading a digital marketing ads report can feel overwhelming. Many reports include a lot of metrics without a whole lot of guidance about what to …

Searching for Google Ads Grande Prairie Alberta SEO Digital Marketing Google Advertising

3 Reasons You Might Not See Your Own Google Ads & Why It’s A Good Thing 

For a small business owner, seeing your company show up as an ad on Google is exciting. It’s just like driving down the road and …

info graphic logo identity brand

The Difference Between Logos, Visual Identities and Brands

You hear these terms thrown around all the time, yet you aren’t confident how to tell them apart. You’re not even sure that the people …

Quality control website tips

Ask the Intern: Quality Under Control

My eyes are glazing over. The light from the dual screens in front of me bores a hole through my retinas to the front of my …

seo the way indicated by compass

Why Doesn’t My New Website Show Up in Search?

So. You just launched your shiny new website, and went over to Google to find it. You type in some keywords, scroll through the first …

Five Steps to Measured Marketing

Five Steps to Measured Marketing

This article was featured in the Fall Edition 2014 of Move Up Magazine During the best of times and the worst of times, there’s one …

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Standardization in Digital Marketing

Imagine opening your web browser to catch up on the daily news only to find yourself scrolling forever to find the information. Now imagine trying …