Website Design Services

Website Design That Works For You

From smaller brochure websites to larger interactive websites, we’ll help you achieve your goals online.

Websites Designed Here in Grande Prairie

Every website we design is made by staff you can talk to face to face. Everything is branded to match your company’s image and optimized to provide the best experience for your customers.

Responsive & Mobile-Friendly

Our websites come with responsive design out of the box, allowing your website to provide a seamless mobile experience to users on smart phones, tablets and other hand-held devices.

Runs on WordPress

Our websites are designed on industry-standard WordPress software. WordPress is the most popular website management software in use today, powering millions of websites. WordPress is also open source, meaning that it can be hosted anywhere and there are no proprietary licensing issues to deal with.

You Own It

Your website is yours, from the design to the content to the back-end. You own it and can do whatever you like with it. Host it with us, with somebody else, or host it yourself. We provide fantastic hosting options with a lot of support, but if you want to do your own thing, we won’t stop you.

Content Comes First

Websites are nothing more than a container for content, and we excel at creating websites with great content. From photos to videos to the words on the page, we start with great content and then purposefully design around it. By working with us, you’ll also be tapping into our network of local writers, photographers, and videographers. We’ll help you connect the dots and coordinate the entire process.

Easy to Manage & Use

How easy? If you can fill out a form on the web, you can edit your website. Most people can start editing in just minutes. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. There’s no complicated software to set up and you don’t need years of special training to use it.


Our websites are planned with social media in mind, bringing your social audience to your website and allowing customers to spread the word and interact with you in new ways.

SEO Ready

One of the big advantages of WordPress is that it’s very SEO-friendly. When you’re ready to start content marketing & optimizing your site for search, your website will be ready for it.

Unlimited Capability to Grow & Expand

With optional plug-ins and custom development services, your website can grow to do anything.

Flexible Payment Options Available

Free up your cash flow with flexible payment terms.

Web Design Examples From Our Portfolio

We’ve helped numerous companies in Grande Prairie and abroad create a strong, modern online presence. Below are a few recent case studies showing how we helped our clients.