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If there’s one thing that Nine10 believes in, it’s making Marketing accessible to everyone. Industry Jargon is a really great way to gatekeep people from accessing their full potential and learning new skills. So let’s talk about it!!

What is a Backlink?

In its simplest form, backlinks is a term used for a link to a website that exist on a third party site. For example, your construction company is a title contractor for a new business park in your local city. Your site might be listed on the business park’s page as a resource or a thank you. That is a backlink. 

So why is it important to think about? Backlinks are a very effective way to help your site reach the top of the Search Engine Results Page (think the Google search results page). One of the Biggest things search engine’s look for when deciding what sites to show on a search, is if that information or site is reputable. The more times your website is linked on other sites and platforms, the more this signals to the search engines that your site is reputable. 

Now getting your site linked across the web may be easier said than done. Let’s get into some strategies!



Directories are basically online yellowpages. These are sites that list your website and business as a resource for people looking. Directories are a really easy way to get your site linked in a lot of different places and increase your backlinks. 

Some directories to look at are Google My Business, this is the most effective directory for Search Engine Optimization, Yellow Pages, your Local Chamber of Commerce, Yelp, and many more. 

Social Media

Social Media is a really fantastic way to increase the number of links on a third party site while being able to control and maintain the ways these links are being shared. You can link your website in your business profile, share site pages on social media posts, and put links in your Meta Stories. 

Not only are you sharing your site content, but there’s a high chance that your posts will be shared by your followers, giving you just that much more reach. 

Getting on Someone’s Website.

Working with other businesses and organizations can help increase your number of Backlinks. When you work collaboratively with businesses or in partnership or sponsorship with other organizations, this increases your chances of being found. 

The old adage, There’s Strength in Numbers holds true here. Working together in your community or beyond helps to strengthen your connections and gives you opportunities for a wider audience. 

Remember, It’s a Give and Take!

Expectations without effort or work are simply dreams. In order to keep and maintain healthy connections with businesses and keep your site listed on theirs, you need to offer something in return. Whether that is your services, or adding their site to yours as well, you have to put something back. 

In fact, Search Engine Optimization not only analyzes how many backlinks your site has, but how many sites you link to on yours! 


Backlinks are only ONE facet of getting your website found. Our Training Program offers education in Search engine optimization, websites, design, social media, and much more. Book a conversation with our Business Development Strategist to kick your Marketing into High Gear! 

Meghan Jobson

Meghan Jobson

Meghan is a Digital Marketing specialist and educator. Her expertise in marketing ranges from copywriting and organic marketing to marketing software customization and CRM management plus everywhere in between! She applies her creative side to solve problems and map out marketing strategies and campaigns.


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