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Top 7 NHL Logos Rated According to a nine10 Designer

The Top 7 NHL Logos (Not Teams!) According to a nine10 Designer

Hockey is back. Between that and the release of Seattle’s team name and logo last August, we thought we’d get one of our professional designers …

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Designer-y Words You’ll Hear at a Kickoff Meeting for Branding Or Other Design Work

Starting a design project can seem like an overwhelming task at the beginning. There are many factors to consider and a lot of jargon flying …

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Your Logo Is Important, But It Doesn’t Need To Have ALL The Stuff

Alright, so you’ve started a company. Now that you have a GST number, a company name, and all the other fun paperwork that comes with …

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The Difference Between Logos, Visual Identities and Brands

You hear these terms thrown around all the time, yet you aren’t confident how to tell them apart. You’re not even sure that the people …

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Logo Design: Design it Yourself, Buy it for Five Bucks, or Hire a Professional?

So you need a new logo for your business and you’re not sure where to start. You could design it yourself, find someone online that …

your logo whats it worth

Your Logo – What’s it worth?

It takes work to keep a foothold above your competitors. You might have a great product, but success truly comes with leaving your customers with …

cutting corners on brand identity is a bad idea

One of the Most Expensive Corners You’ll Ever Cut is Your Brand Identity.

If you’re starting a new business, or revitalizing an old one, think long and hard before cutting corners with the design of your brand identity. …

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Too Small to Think About Branding? Think Again.

Often we hear people talking about branding like it’s an esoteric voodoo thing that only Fortune 500 companies can afford to do. Or that small …