MONTtea Logo Design

The Challenge

Mont Tea is a bubble tea cafe based in Grande Prairie. They serve a variety of beverages with their specialty being bubble tea with boba pearls. They stand alone in the Grande Prairie market as the only place in Grande Prairie that serves only tea, as opposed to tea being an offering included on a food menu. When Mont Tea approached nine10, they had an existing logo that they created, but they now needed a logo that was professionally polished prior to opening up a new store. They were seeking a logo that represented the refreshing nature of their beverages. 

Our Solutions

It was important to incorporate the hidden meaning within their company name. Mont Tea comes from the client’s nickname Monty. Mont is the french word for Mountain and the client wanted a mountain in the shape of an M present within the design. The aim of incorporating mountains into their brand is to remind customers of a cool and refreshing bubble tea beverage. The client wanted to see designs that incorporated a mountain and tea leaves together.

In the set of draft options provided by nine10, the client was given 2 options that incorporated the requested elements as well as a third option which was a more “conventional” bubble tea logo. The final result was a combination of the text in one option and the icon from another.

The colours chosen are meant to reinforce the refreshing vibe of the company. Cool tone blues remind consumers once again of the chilled bubble tea beverages, with bright greens incorporated to represent tea leaves.

Picture of Alix Calfa

Alix Calfa

Originally from BC, Alix works full-time from our Grande Prairie office. In her day-to-day role, she works closely with our team to design & build websites, along with the occasional logo & any other client need.


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