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The Challenge

Prairie Plaza is a professional business center that features a variety of retail spaces. They were looking to attract more professional services to lease space within the plaza. With its proximity to the popular Prairie Mall and abundance of parking, it is an ideal location for those looking for new office space. Prairie Plaza came to nine10 looking for a logo to represent the center and a website that would help establish the Plaza’s online presence.

Our Solutions

The Logo

nine10 created a variety of logo concepts for Prairie Plaza. At the beginning of the project, we decided to explore a concept that placed emphasis on the prairies. The design incorporated symbolism that was representative of Alberta’s landscape. In the end, this concept was not the right fit for Prairie Plaza.

The final design placed emphasis on the tower on the far left of the building.  The inspiration for this design came from looking at an aerial photo of the property. The tower was a notable part of the structure, it stands out to those driving by. This shape helped connect the logo with the physical building. Passersby will remember the tower and easily understand the symbolism within the logo. nine10 took this shape and created a design that incorporated 2 hidden P’s within the logo to represent the property’s initials.

The roof of the building was the source of most of the logo’s inspiration. In addition to incorporating the tower, the logo colours were drawn from the roof. Since this was a memorable part of the building, the client was set on incorporating the roof colour from the beginning of the project.

The Website

A website that showed off the property and the advantages of renting there was needed. One of the main advantages of renting a space in Praire Plaza is it’s proximity to the Prairie Mall and it was important that the website emphasizes the location. We incorporated a custom illustrated lot map into the website. The map showcases the available units within Prairie Plaza, as well as the surrounding area. Displaying the surrounding area helped potential renters understand exactly how close the plaza is located to the Prairie Mall.

Emphasis was placed on statistics about the demographic of Grande Prairie and the surrounding area. This information is used to communicate the benefits of opening a business in the area and within Prairie Plaza itself.

Beautiful aerial shots of the plaza were the perfect finishing touch for the site design.

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