Another blog talking about reflection during the new year.. Yep, keep reading! 

There is so much hype around a new year and the changes it brings, the things that we should leave behind in the year that’s past and what to cultivate in the year to come.  I am a big believer in doing these check in’s on a regular basis and not just when the date changes. It cultivates so much growth and holds us accountable when we are able to pause, think about how far we’ve come and get inspired about all of the things we want to do. 

A beautiful reminder to consistently be creating a life that we love and doing the things that set our souls on fire. These are the super exciting parts of reflection and the positivity that can be attached to it, but I know goal setting can also induce feelings of anxiety, and if that’s you right now, know that you aren’t alone! Here are a few tips to help organize your personal and business goals for the new year:

  1. Write a list of all of the things you are proud of for doing this past year, make a list of personal wins and work wins
  2. Write a list of all of the things that you wanted to accomplish or feel, but didn’t 
  3. Now, write a new list of the steps you need to take in order to hit the goals or cultivate the feelings you want to for 2022
  4. Break that list down even further into the daily routine you need to have in order to actually implement change. Small tasks = big results. 

These lists provide a nice birds eye view of what you loved about 2021, what you know you can grow from and what you’ve got your eyes set on for 2022.  Before we continue, deep breath, big smile! Onto the next.


Create your big-hairy-audacious goal for 2022.  Remember, this is the time to dream BIG, don’t worry about how you’re going to get there just yet, just think of what it is you would love to be doing (wine vineyard on the coast? Clothing boutique? Hotel Chain? Sky’s the limit).  Now let’s break it down.  Whether you are starting your dream today, are in your first year, or year 10 – what is the next step RIGHT NOW that you need to take to reach the next goal?  

How many customers do you need to have to reach X, how many items do you need to sell etc.  These questions will vary depending on what market you are in, but you get the idea.  Start to break down each piece of your business and make a projection for this year of what you need to have in order to meet your target. 

Now that you have a rough projection, what is your marketing strategy? How will people know about you? How will they find you? What touch points are you going to have? A few examples are:

  • Website
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Blog
  • Email Marketing
  • Pinterest

Each of these hit a different market, creates a different type of buzz and needs a different strategy.  Don’t be overwhelmed at the amount of platforms that are available, instead decide who your target market is and then pick the touchpoint best suited for those people and choose to do 1-3 of these really well. 

Setting yourself up for success in any business strategy is having the proper foundation.  Do you have a Brand?  If so, is that reflected on your website and your social platforms? This is the personality of your business, not just your logo! How do people feel after they leave an online or in person interaction with you?  

In a perfect world, you set the scene for your Business by creating:

  • Brand (with a capital B! This encompasses so much!) 
  • Website or one major touchpoint where people can see the story of what you offer (ensure you’ve got best practices in place for these so that it is actually working FOR you) 
  • Empower yourself and your team to use the above to its fullest potential

Lastly, remember you got this. You and your business will go through constant states of growth and rebirth. You will always be evolving and learning! Dream big, set goals and set yourself up for success with routine and strategy. 

Always in your corner, 


Alix Calfa

Alix Calfa

Originally from BC, Alix works full-time from our Grande Prairie office. In her day-to-day role, she works closely with our team to design & build websites, along with the occasional logo & any other client need.


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