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Does my business need a website

Do I Need A Website for My Business? And, If So, Why?

Honestly, good question — especially if you’ve never had a reason for a website before. The short answer is yes, absolutely. No real reason exists …

blogging is a long-term strategy like building empires

5 Reasons Your Professional Services Firm Needs to Blog

Professional services is an industry that stands to benefit the most from blogging. This article gives you five solid reasons why.

8 Things to Prepare for Your Kickoff nine10 Meeting

8 Things To Prepare for a Kickoff Meeting

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years – and I’ve worked with clients in professional settings for over five years. During that time, …

7 Webby Words You May Hear at a Website Kickoff Meeting

7 Webby Words You Might Hear At A Website Kick-Off Meeting

Designing a website is a big undertaking for all parties. Like all technology in the 21st century, web design is constantly evolving and expanding. With …

Grande Prairie Request a Quote Form Design Tips

How to Build an Effective Online Quote Form

One of the most powerful things a website can do is generate new inquiries, and your “Request a Quote” form can be a key part …

content first computer typing copywriter

What We Say: Use a Content-First Approach

The nine10 team was chatting the other day about why we switched to focusing on content first for projects, especially websites. It’s been a couple …

How to Take a Photo for a Website Homepage Banner

How to Take a Photo for a Website Homepage Banner

Website banners pose a unique challenge when it comes to taking (or finding) photos that will work for them. This short guide provides pointers on …

bug fixes versus maintenance websites

The Difference Between Maintenance & Bug Fixes

We offer pretty comprehensive support for clients who are hosting their nine10-built websites with us. Included in the support is both a warranty against bugs …

Web Design layout sketch drawing Software Media WWW and Graphic Layout Website development project

3 Ways to Get the Lowest Price For Your Website

So, you’re building a website. I’m guessing it’s pretty safe to say you want to get the best value possible. The best price for the …

nine10 website hosting versus other hosting

Comparing Hosting Prices? Make Sure It’s Apples to Apples!

Hosting is cheap. You can go online and find hosting for a few dollars a month. Of course, most clients are aware of this, so …

Stepping Stones

Website Features: Add It Now or Later?

A really common question we get from clients buying websites is if they should add a feature while building the website, or save it for …