Case Study: Brain Solutions

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The Challenge

Brain Solutions is an occupational therapy clinic that provides rehabilitation services for those who have experienced brain injuries. In addition to providing therapeutic services, the client also administers seminars that educate people about brain injuries and the benefits of occupational therapy. Brain Solutions had an existing logo and website, but they were looking to develop a full visual identity for their brand. The goal was to give Brain Solutions consistent visual standards to apply across all marketing channels. The challenge with this project was to take design elements that the client already had and create an expansive visual identity with them.

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Our Solution

nine10 created a visual identity that included elements that subtly reminded the viewer of brains and their functions. This was accomplished using symbolism consumers would associate with thinking and the structure of the brain. The facets present in the patterns and other graphic elements are symbolic of the various cortexes within the brain and how information moves throughout them. The shape of the faceted arrows is a subtle reference to a lightbulb that appears above a cartoon character’s head when they have a thought or idea.

In addition to having a logo, the client also some stationery designs that she liked but gave nine10 the opportunity to create additional options. The end result ended up a hybrid of the existing logo and a new option we had provided. Graphic elements from the existing stationery were repurposed within a design that we had created for the client.

nine10 portfolio project brain solutions visual identity business cards nine10 portfolio project brain solutions visual identity stationery

The Result

Brain Solutions now has a fully expanded visual identity that allows the brand to be easily recognizable across all marketing materials. We have created graphic elements and design rules that allow Brain Solutions to work with any designer and achieve the same look and feel.


Emma Hart

Emma Hart

With over 15 years of self-taught design skills in addition to her design diploma. Emma is a born and raised Albertan, she joins nine10 remotely from British Columbia.


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