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Experiencing Font Confusion? Don’t Cry, Learn Why

As a graphic designer, my job is to learn which feelings a client wants to show, and then pick the fonts that are going to …

8 Things to Prepare for Your Kickoff nine10 Meeting

8 Things To Prepare for a Kickoff Meeting

I’ve been a graphic designer for over 10 years – and I’ve worked with clients in professional settings for over five years. During that time, …

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Designer-y Words You’ll Hear at a Kickoff Meeting for Branding Or Other Design Work

Starting a design project can seem like an overwhelming task at the beginning. There are many factors to consider and a lot of jargon flying …

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The Difference Between Logos, Visual Identities and Brands

You hear these terms thrown around all the time, yet you aren’t confident how to tell them apart. You’re not even sure that the people …

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Logo Design: Design it Yourself, Buy it for Five Bucks, or Hire a Professional?

So you need a new logo for your business and you’re not sure where to start. You could design it yourself, find someone online that …

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Employee Recruitment: Branding & Marketing Isn’t Just For Sales

When you think of branding or marketing, do your first thoughts go straight to your income statement? If so, it’s not surprising. Most businesses think …

What Affects the Price of a Branding?

What Affects the Price of a Branding?

Developing a brand identity for a company is no small responsibility, even for a small company. Clients often wonder, though, why does a branding with …

The Meaning of Colours

The Meaning of Colors

Color influences our life every day. We base opinions and reactions off of emotions that it evokes.  Some people even base their careers off of …

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Be Known for the Good Swag

If you have ever been in the market for promotional items, you know that it can be a daunting task; a promotional item should be …

how to increase margins with branding

5 Ways to Brand Your Business to Increase Margins

In last week’s blog post, I discussed how branding can be used to command higher profits and grow your business. In today’s article, I’m going …

Increase Profits with Branding

Branding for Profit

There are many different reasons why a company should invest in branding. The most overlooked and most important benefit is a brand’s ability to command …