Who is Your Audience, Really?


When it comes to marketing, Especially digital marketing, understanding your audience informs the whole process.

Your audience will be how you decide what graphics to use, what headlines will stop them, and what language will get them interested in you. It’s an integral part of reaching the right people and getting your brand in front of the right eyes!

First, Let’s get technical.


Demographics are the things about your audience that you can see, count, and are really tangible things. These will be things like Age, Gender, Geographic location, Income, and Job Role. 

There are lots of things you can come up with when it comes to Demographics, you may use more than what I’ve listed, you may use less, it’s really about what is important for your organization.


Psychographics are the things about your audience that you can’t see. These are their values, their goals and aspirations, their fears and needs. These are the things that really make up the personality of your audience.

So many times when building an audience people forget about psychographics, or don’t think that it’s really important. But these pieces to the puzzle will tell you what is most important to that person, and will help you reach their pain points and solve their problems. 

Audience personas 

Now, it can sometimes be a little daunting to look at your audience as a bunch of qualities instead of a whole person. So let’s try an exercise. 

Picture one of your ideal clients. Who are they? What is their name? Where do they live? Are they a homeowner? Do they have a family? Are they a pet owner? What about their weekends, what do they do for fun? What is their lifestyle? What do they value or put a priority on?

By creating a whole person, it is so much easier to talk to them. You’re able to have conversations, and get a better understanding of what they really need from you, rather than looking at a list of qualities.

In our Digital Marketing Bootcamp, we will work every day on helping you understand your audience, hone in on the right person to talk to, create graphics that will appeal to them, and write headlines and content that will make them stop. Let’s work together to help you understand your audience and so much more!

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Meghan Jobson

Meghan Jobson

Meghan is a Digital Marketing specialist and educator. Her expertise in marketing ranges from copywriting and organic marketing to marketing software customization and CRM management plus everywhere in between! She applies her creative side to solve problems and map out marketing strategies and campaigns.


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