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Quality control website tips

Ask the Intern: Quality Under Control

My eyes are glazing over. The light from the dual screens in front of me bores a hole through my retinas to the front of my …

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Why Doesn’t My New Website Show Up in Search?

So. You just launched your shiny new website, and went over to Google to find it. You type in some keywords, scroll through the first …

Five Steps to Measured Marketing

Five Steps to Measured Marketing

This article was featured in the Fall Edition 2014 of Move Up Magazine During the best of times and the worst of times, there’s one …

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Standardization in Digital Marketing

Imagine opening your web browser to catch up on the daily news only to find yourself scrolling forever to find the information. Now imagine trying …

Empty Waiting Room Chairs

Employee Recruitment: Branding & Marketing Isn’t Just For Sales

When you think of branding or marketing, do your first thoughts go straight to your income statement? If so, it’s not surprising. Most businesses think …

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Project vs. Retainer: What’s the Difference, and What Makes the Most Sense?

As a marketing & advertising agency, we provide ongoing marketing & media management services to our clients in Grande Prairie & abroad. But we can …

How to Start an Online Store

6 Things They Never Tell You About Selling Online

Starting an online store appears to be the perfect solution to grow beyond the four walls of your business or earn some extra income. After …

Blogging For Success

To Blog is to Commit

As a full-fledged marketing lover, I enjoy a good blog as much as the next person. Unfortunately, the truth is, more Fortune 500 companies and …

Small Business Content Writing

Small Business Content Is Just More Interesting

An ode to the heroes of the long tail in content publishing. It’s time to recognize the small businesses and independent marketers who publish unique …