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Know Thy Audience and Respect Them

If you’ve owned a business for literally any amount of time, you know one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is, …

Grammar Tips for Content Writing

Grammar: Write English Good, Okay?

Oh, dear. This is probably giving you bad high school flashbacks, isn’t it? Red pen marks scrawled across your paper. A big message printed in …


Copyediting vs. Copywriting

If you’ve ever been in the position of finding content for your website, you may have come across these terms: copywriting and copyediting. But like …

Quality control website tips

Ask the Intern: Quality Under Control

My eyes are glazing over. The light from the dual screens in front of me bores a hole through my retinas to the front of my …

Stack of Resumes

Tips for Applying for a Design Job at nine10

We’re always on the lookout for smart, talented designers who have a passion for their craft. We get a wide variety of applications for our …

We're Moving from 214 Place to Nordic CourtWe're Moving from 214 Place to Nordic Court

We’re Moving!

We’re very excited to announce that on September 10, you’ll find us on the 3rd Floor of the Nordic Court Building, located downtown Grande Prairie just above Jeffrey’s …

The Secret Ingredient of the Perfect Marketing System

The Secret Ingredient of the Perfect Marketing System

Google the term “marketing system” and you’ll get over 12 million results that have been updated just in the last 24 hours. There’s a lot …

Freelance Designer vs. Basement Guy

The Difference Between a Basement Guy and a Freelancer

If you’re going to hire an independent designer to help your business with graphic design, web design or logo work, you should understand the difference …

Advertising & Marketing Expense Markup

Markup on 3rd Party Costs: When and Why?

A question we often get from clients is how our markup on third-party services works. Mostly, when it’s applied and exactly what it’s for. This …

SEO is Dead

SEO is Dead.

Have we become so selfish in our need to self-promote that search engines care more about our customers than we do? SEO is a funny …