10 Weirdly Funny Stock Photos

Stock photography has always been a mixed bag, you might find an amazing image or you might find something really weird. In the last year or so, stock photo sites like Getty Images have pushed for increasing diversity and realism within their photo offerings. However, this diversification doesn’t mean the hilarious and odd stock images disappear.

My work here at nine10 has me spending a lot of time searching for stock photography. I search for a variety of topics while looking for stock photos and no matter what my search keywords are, there’s always a really hilarious, bizarre or silly photo in the mix. This happens so often that I get really excited when it’s time to search for stock photos like I am playing a game to find the oddest photo being served up by Getty Images.

I frequently share my finds with the team at nine10 and we always have a good laugh at how silly these photos can be. It’s always fun to imagine the models and photographers on set creating these images. So we decided to share the hilarity with you!

Without further adieu, here is a compilation of the funny photos I’ve found and the search terms I used to find them.

Search Query: E-commerce

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Well, I did promise this would get weird and silly. Some digging was required to find this photo within the search query I entered, but — I think — it paid off. Finding a strange photo like this mixed among normal images is always hilarious.

The funniest thing about this image is that it’s part of a perfectly normal series of photos. The rest of the series could be utilized in so many ways, and then there’s the bunny mask picture. There is nothing that really explains the decision to throw a bunny mask on this model and have her sit in a park.

Search Query: Home Buyers

Photo Credit: Getty Images

If you’re familiar with the “This Is Fine” meme, you’ll know this picture has the same energy.

I definitely get that they’re trying to convey how severe a water leak in your home can be, but even the worst leaks don’t look like a rain machine in your kitchen. Stock photos are known for this level of comical exaggeration and for many years this style of stock photography was the only option you had. Luckily stock photography is shifting towards trying to depict people in realistic situations, as opposed to the overly posed and exaggerated style of the past.

Search Query: Back to School

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Howdy Learners! That’s what pops into my head when I look at this stack of books. As if it’s sitting at the front of a classroom greeting students before class. The best part about this photo is that its part of a series that revolves around the book stack in various different hats. Including a Santa hat and the more appropriate graduation cap.

Photos like this always make me question where this would be utilized. I could see it being used as a poster on a classroom wall or tying into a brand whose personality is a bit silly. It’s definitely not the right photo to use if you want to convey the importance of education.

Search Query: Mother with Young Child

Photo Credit: Getty Images

While searching for photos of a mother with a toddler-aged child, I stumbled upon this photo. It’s for sure not the weirdest of photos — and definitely leans more towards being adorable — yet there’s still something off about it. In real life, this playful moment would likely result in giggling, but in a stock photo, it’s just plain confusing.

Why did the photographer direct them to put this bin over their heads? There are likely many other ways they could have conveyed playfulness without making you go “huh?” Overall the photo feels too posed and it ruins any genuine emotion you would hope to get from the image.

Search Query: Colleagues

Photo Credit: Getty Images

This photo is meant to portray a person who stands out from the crowd and draws attention towards themselves, but that is not what we get. The way the models in suits are fixated on the woman in yellow is unsettling and weird. The most comical part of this photo is the 4th man in the first row; every other model is looking at the woman in yellow but the 4th guy is smiling directly at the camera. Also, all those people crammed on that bench cannot be comfortable. There are plenty of other ways to convey the concept of standing out without using this photo.

Search Query: Healthy Lifestyle

Photo Credit: Getty Images

When I saw this photo, all I could think was “imagine someone doing this during a zoom meeting!” Picture it: you’re sitting there discussing something mundane and all of a sudden your coworker is doing acrobat yoga on their desk.

I’m honestly just impressed by the model’s ability to do this. She’s on a small, not-so-sturdy-looking table, wearing stilettos and in professional attire all while she bends herself into a pretzel. And she’s still focused on her computer screen! We do love a multitasking Queen.

Search Query: Spa Day

Photo Credit: Getty Images

You don’t really expect to find pumpkins while searching for spa photos, and you definitely don’t expect to find them posed like they’re in the middle of a spa treatment. I don’t know about you, but I don’t usually think jack-o-lanterns when I think of a relaxing day at the spa. While I love the mud mask on the right pumpkin, it’s the lipstick on the wide grin of the left pumpkin that made me laugh. The way they’ve carved excitement into her face is hilarious and the lipstick gives it a clown-like look.

Search Query: Moving

Photo Credit: Getty Images

I mean, technically this is directly related to the concept of moving, it’s just depicted in a goofy way. I can’t understand what the goal is with this photo. Where are the models trying to go? Why are they huddled into a single corner of what looks like a small room? The super exaggerated forward leans are what makes this photo so funny, like they’re trying to propel the boxes forward using their noses.

Search Query: Morning Coffee

Photo Credit: Getty Images

To be honest, I make a similar face when someone tries to take my coffee. If the model in this photo were human, it would not be nearly as funny. The cat’s sassy scowl, while it covers the coffee cup, is what makes this picture hilarious. This face screams “don’t touch, this is mine” in a comical way. The tone of the image would be so different if it were simply a human guarding a coffee cup.

Search Query: Office Printer

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Lots to unpack here. The idea of photocopying your face isn’t anything new of course, but the plastic crown makes you pause and wonder what’s going on here. When would you ever need to use an image of a grown man photocopying his face while wearing what looks like a Burger King crown from far away? I mean I suppose it would be on-brand with the surreal advertising style BK has used for years.

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