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Does my business need a website

Do I Need A Website for My Business? And, If So, Why?

Honestly, good question — especially if you’ve never had a reason for a website before. The short answer is yes, absolutely. No real reason exists ...
Top 7 NHL Logos Rated According to a nine10 Designer

The Top 7 NHL Logos (Not Teams!) According to a nine10 Designer

Hockey is back. Between that and the release of Seattle’s team name and logo last August, we thought we’d get one of our professional designers ...
dont lose your domain to scammers

Don’t Lose Your Domain Name: It Looks Official But It Isn’t

We’ve encountered some companies who will try to take (not win) your domain name business under the guise of a renewal notice. They make you ...
network cables small site hackers

What Do Attackers Gain By Hacking a Small Website?

In a blog post titled “Why Attackers Hack Small Sites“, Pilar Garcia of Sucuri outlines some of the key reasons that attackers will hack small ...
Be an Awesome Client and Get The Results You Want websites

How to be an Awesome Client and Get the Results You Want

Designers do a lot to make their clients happy, but there are some things that clients can do to make the design process smoother for ...
the simple genius of paypal

The Simple Genius of PayPal

For the longest time, PayPal was shunned by website owners because of an age old myth that you have to create an account to pay ...
Blogging For Success

To Blog is to Commit

As a full-fledged marketing lover, I enjoy a good blog as much as the next person. Unfortunately, the truth is, more Fortune 500 companies and ...
Small Business Content Writing

Small Business Content Is Just More Interesting

An ode to the heroes of the long tail in content publishing. It’s time to recognize the small businesses and independent marketers who publish unique ...
With all apologies to Milton Glaser.

The Tragedy of Comic Sans

Oh Comic Sans… few typefaces evoke such strong emotion as our quirky little friend. Whether you love it  (Slightly-NSFW, salty language) or hate it, you have an ...