Blogging For Success

As a full-fledged marketing lover, I enjoy a good blog as much as the next person. Unfortunately, the truth is, more Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders have chosen to put their blog on hiatus, updating it only to highlight internal milestones. Even my beloved Arlene Dickinson seems to have dropped off the blogosphere.

Mainly these companies have opted for the instant engagement gratification that comes from social media, ditching the roots of establishing expertise, which is blogging. Like any project, your blog is bound to fail if you are not committed to the process.

That being said, if you are not committed to the process, maybe you didn’t understand the value of it from the beginning. Like going to the gym, you know blogging is good for you, you know you should do it more often, the benefits are endless, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. When you/your business maintain a blog you are:

  • Creating expert status in your industry
  • Maintaining top-of-mind awareness to your target market
  • Winning sales without the pitch
  • In some instances, eliminating the dating process

An internal content strategy will allow you to speak to a captive audience, and potential client, without ever picking up the phone.

Great Reasons to Blog

Give Back – By consistently providing “reader-centric” content, your blog will not only build value with your prospective customers, but also speak to who you are as a business. This will also solidify your company as an expert in the field.

Feed the Media – A blog enlarges your online footprint and can feed all of your other social media platforms, in-turn further creating conversation points and engagement.

Full Meal Deal – Running a complete marketing strategy without a blog can be like hitting up a movie and not getting popcorn. Your blog is the central hub of your marketing strategy, somewhere to point your fans and followers for a bigger picture of what you and your company stand for. Your time will be well-spent by regular blogging and you’ll soon find the rewards are much greater the effort.

Still Not Sure How or Why?

If you’re wondering how you can use blogging effectively for your business, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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