Design + Living: Building Urban Mountains

The Mountain

I recently watchted Bjarke Ingles on TED Talks (video below), where he discussed some of the projects his international architectural firm had been working on. The Mountain caught my attention.

The Mountain, an apartment complex designed by the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), was built to solve problems just like any good design should—such as not blocking the view from Mr. Ingels apartment, which is built on the next lot over.

More importantly, the environment as a whole was considered. The building collects energy, is a greenspace, and creates a beautiful aesthetic looking in or looking out.

This, and many other examples of what are described as BIG’s ‘eco-flashy’ designs, can be found on their website, It’s a little difficult to navigate, so if you don’t have time to browse everything, I recommend checking out the St. Petersburg Pier, Europa City, and the People’s Building Shanghai.

Many of the BIG projects are in the idea phase. Let’s hope that others see that design can be friendly to the eye and our environment so that BIG, and other innovative companies like them, can change skylines and footprints.

TED Talks – Bjarke Ingels