Leveraging Instagram for your Business

Leveraging IG for your Biz!

Social media is such a powerful tool to market your business. Instagram is organic, fun and gives you the opportunity to really express your brands personality, all while providing value to your followers and turning content into exposure that drives your offerings.

1.Engage, engage, engage!

This requires time and effort, but the more you interact with others, the more exposure you’ll get to create your own community of followers. The more other people engage with your page and your content, the more you get played into the algorithm and increases your exposure yet again. (This requires a content strategy ?) what does your brand represent? Start engaging with likeminded brands!

Lastly, engage with your followers! Interact via IG stories, ask questions, create polls, highlight your journey and document for them to follow. This industry is about building relationships and leaving people with a feeling that connects them back to you!

2. Consistency is key.

This is true for anything in life. Consistency, not perfection! If you’re only posting once a month you’re not likely to fall into the algorithm patterns and get the exposure you want. Create a theme and posting pattern, posting at least 4 times a week is helpful to stay active. If that seems like too much, find an amount you know you can stick too, just make it consistent. EX. Quotes & tips & tricks.

3. CTA – Call To Action

All of this content is great.. but what are your results? Do you have more drives to your website? Do you have more people seeking out your services? If not, you probably need to be including way more calls to action for people to be prompted to take the next step! Or at the very least, using it to create the engagement you want to increase exposure, drawing more people to your page. LIKE, TAG, SHARE, COMMENT, SAVE. ??

4. Host Giveaways

People love to opportunity to win things! Especially when the thing they could win provides value that they want within their life. And chances are If they’re following you, they like what you’re offering. This is a great way not only to increase your brand presence but also to generate quality leads. EX. You get 100 people sharing and entering your post, out of the hundred emails collected, at least one of those is likely to invest in your offerings because they took the time to enter and see what you’re business is all about.

5. Document your brand!

Are people tagging you? Are your followers/clients enjoying what you sell/offer? YES! Document that! Repost what they share and show them love back while showing other potential clients WHY your offering is a great investment. Once you start sharing more of your journey and create that dialogue, more and more people will tune in to see how your business is progressing.

You can do this through stories, story highlights, reel series, video series etc.

Nail down who your target audience is and grab their attention. Share your story! ?


Always in your corner xo,



Alix Calfa

Alix Calfa

Originally from BC, Alix works full-time from our Grande Prairie office. In her day-to-day role, she works closely with our team to design & build websites, along with the occasional logo & any other client need.


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