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3 Ways a Brand Will Work for you

“Branding is too expensive, I have other things I need to prioritize.”  “Meh, Branding isn’t really that important, I’ll focus on other things first” “I …


Open Your Vault: Unlock Your Funding Options!

As ABBA once said, Money, must be funny in a rich man’s world. Finances can create barriers for you to build your brand, or grow …

Leveraging Instagram for your Business Blog Featured Image

Leveraging Instagram for your Business

Leveraging IG for your Biz! Social media is such a powerful tool to market your business. Instagram is organic, fun and gives you the opportunity …

Entrepreneur Nine10 Business Coffee desk

Insights from the Modern Entrepreneur

2021 was quite a year!  What a time for business owners and entrepreneurs as we learned to pivot and navigate things like never before. I …

How to create shortcuts for hashtags

Quick Plays: How to Quickly Access Hashtags on Your Phone

Hey, I’m Cris, welcome to Quick Plays! I am one of the marketing coaches here at nine10, and today I’m going to show you how …

Nicole McDonald - Education and Marketing Manager

Why Am I So Excited to Join the nine10 Team?

Do you know those moments in life where someone is explaining to you their vision and plan… and you find yourself becoming just as passionate …