3 Ways a Brand Will Work for you


“Branding is too expensive, I have other things I need to prioritize.” 

“Meh, Branding isn’t really that important, I’ll focus on other things first”

“I don’t really need a brand, People know me.” 

Before someone really understands what a brand really does for them or how important it really is, these are some of the things they say. Well, we’re here to tell you why branding is so important and why it needs to be a priority. 

So let’s talk about it! 

Brand Recognition and Trust 

When you are able to work with a professional designer, your brand becomes an extension of you. It reflects who you and your business are, and becomes a little window into the heart of the operation. 

According to Stackia, 88% of consumers put an emphasis on authenticity when deciding whether or not to trust a brand. So how does this connect? Let’s break it down. When you have a well designed brand that embodies who you are, you audience will recognize this and trust you more easily.

Once your audience recognizes you as authentic and genuine, now it’s time to make sure they’ll remember. Reboot says that using consistent signature colours increases brand recognition by 80%. Colours aren’t just about making things look pretty, they help people find you, see you, and trust you. 

Brand consistency 

Let’s do a little visualization exercise. Think about a bright red background, a little white polar bear, maybe some white bubbles and swirls. What are you picturing? Is it Coca-Cola? This is the power of consistent branding.

Now keep thinking about Coca-Cola. Can you trust that every time you buy a soda it’s going to taste the same, you’re going to have the same experience drinking it every time. You TRUST them to deliver every time. Lucidpress says that consistent branding can increase revenue by 33%. 

Aside from everything a consistent brand does for your business, think about how much easier your marketing could be when half the work is already done! How much time do you spend trying to match colours or fonts or picking little graphic elements for your designs? All that work and all those decisions will be gone. 

Let a professional designer do that work for you, open up your time to do the things that you really want to! 

Increase Brand Value 

What would it mean to you to be an established expert in your field? Brand has a huge part in establishing yourself in the marketplace. Recognition leads to trust leads to more and more people seeing you as the go-to. 

Ever heard of the term “brand equity”? Well this is exactly what it means. Your brand, your name, your business holds value and really means something in the market. This is what you are working towards. 

Okay, but I still can’t afford it 

You don’t need to! Whether it’s purchasing a brand or learning how to use it, there are grants and funding programs available to help cut costs and give you opportunities you wouldn’t otherwise have. Let’s connect and talk about which programs are the best fit and get your brand out into the world. 

See  you soon.

Meghan Jobson

Meghan Jobson

Meghan is a Digital Marketing specialist and educator. Her expertise in marketing ranges from copywriting and organic marketing to marketing software customization and CRM management plus everywhere in between! She applies her creative side to solve problems and map out marketing strategies and campaigns.


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