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What Do Attackers Gain By Hacking a Small Website?

In a blog post titled “Why Attackers Hack Small Sites“, Pilar Garcia of Sucuri outlines some of the key reasons that attackers will hack small websites. The article expands on an issue I pointed out in my article about protecting your WordPress website: The fact that you don’t need to be big to be a target. In the article, Pilar postulates that the two key reasons websites get hacked are money and exposure. I agree with Pilar’s list, but would add three more very important points to it.

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Are Third-Party Changes Covered Under Support?

Let’s say you built a 24′ x 24′ detached garage in your back yard. You hire a contractor to build this for you. Everything is done to your satisfaction and you pay them and start enjoying your new garage. Then, in one year some of the drywall starts separating. You call the contractor, and they come over and fix it at their expense, because it was caused by their workmanship. Things are resolved and you both move on.

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How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hacking

Security is a hot topic for anybody who uses a phone, computer, or just about any other Internet-connected device. With a slew of recent security breaches at major companies like Target, LinkedIn, and Sony, as well as well-publicized activity by major hacking groups, the public is becoming more and more aware of how important security is.

When designing a website, app or software, the question comes up: How secure is it going to be? And the answer I like to reply with is: How secure are you?  In this article, I want to explore this topic. I’ll start by debunking a few myths about security, pointing out why you might be your own worst security threat, and some things that you can do to protect your website.

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The Difference Between Maintenance & Bug Fixes

We offer pretty comprehensive support for clients who are hosting their nine10-built websites with us. Included in the support is both a warranty against bugs in the software, as well as technical support for using it. But sometimes a point of confusion lies around what’s considered a bug fix (which is included under the warranty) and what’s considered maintenance (which is billable work.) This short article explains the difference.

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Comparing Hosting Prices? Make Sure It’s Apples to Apples!

Hosting is cheap. You can go online and find hosting for a few dollars a month. Of course, most clients are aware of this, so it’s natural that the question pops up: Why does your hosting cost so much more than [insert $5/month provider here]?

nine10 Hosting is More Than Hosting

Our hosting price is higher than the bottom-of-the-barrel hosting options on the web. What makes it different (and worth it) is the support that comes with it. When you host your nine10-built website with us, the hosting includes a high degree of support and service for the hosting and your website.

When you host with us…

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What is Website Hosting and Why Do I Need It?

What is Website Hosting?

Every company by now, be it startup, or Fortune 500, should understand the importance of maintaining an online presence. But what is website hosting?

Website hosting is the necessary base element to gaining and maintaining an online presence. Since analogies are often one of the best ways to understand things, here’s one to explain web hosting.

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