5 Great Investments for Marketing Your Business

5 great things to market your business

Here are 5 great things your business can do to market itself with little investment and large return:1. Join your local Chamber of Commerce

You’ll benefit from perks such as networking, member-to-member discounts, and sponsorship opportunities. The annual fees are affordable and more than worth it when you compare to the price of a newspaper ad or a billboard. Not so into networking? Just being in the directory can bring you some business. But if you get out there and network, all it takes is one great connection to pay for a lifetime Chamber membership!

2. Network at business and social functions

Step out and make connections. If you’ve followed the advice in step one, try out a mixer. Ask a friend who’s a Chamber member to bring you along if you’re feeling intimidated; they can introduce you to some people and make you feel more comfortable. We have personally found that the people who attend mixers are friendly and easy going, and we end up having a lot of fun. Other events to meet business people in your community include fundraising events, seminars, conferences, and volunteer work. You could even become a sponsor to add value and support your community. And if you still feel intimidated, imagine everybody is naked. Trust us, it works.

3. Use social networking

If you’re not familiar with Facebook or Twitter, make it a priority to learn about them soon. Social media is becoming the new way for people to find information, products and services. Many searches now start in YouTube and Twitter instead of Google! Will you be there when your customers are looking? The wonderful thing about social media is it doesn’t take long to set up, it’s totally free (other than a bit of your time), and it’s some of the best marketing you can do. Be sure to check out our post about how to use Twitter for your business to help you get started.

4. Make it easy for customers to talk about you

Deliver value that your customers feel compelled to tell others about. If you run your business with a passion for helping others to achieve their goals, your customers will start noticing – and more importantly, talking.

5. Get a website!

Create an online presence. Your website is no longer an option or a luxury – it’s your new “phone number with benefits”. Consider this: Social media is now the new super-highway of online marketing; people will notice you as they whiz by. Once you catch them, you can consider your website the end of the road where they will stop, rest, and get to know you.

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