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Know Thy Audience and Respect Them

If you’ve owned a business for literally any amount of time, you know one of the most important questions you need to ask yourself is, Who’s my audience? For some companies, this is a simple question. For others, it’s complex: they offer a variety of services or products for a variety of people and, basically, all they know is they have one.

Now, regardless of who your audience is, there are three things you can’t forget about them: 

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Which Social Media Platform is Right for Marketing Your Business?

Getting Started

Social media can do a lot to improve your sales, raise awareness, build community, and establish credibility, but it can also be overwhelming to learn on your own.  If you’ve been avoiding social media for your business, you’re missing out on a lot of potential. In this article, we’re going to summarize some pros and cons of the top social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn) so you can get a sense of where they fit and which one(s) might be best for your business.

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How to be an Awesome Client and Get the Results You Want

Designers do a lot to make their clients happy, but there are some things that clients can do to make the design process smoother for both parties. Doing some simple things during the design process can result in having efficient productivity on your projects and can also result in having a more successful impact on your business or brand. So what can you do?

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How to Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Agency

There’s a lot of information available about what clients should look for when selecting a marketing agency. But working with an agency is a two-way street. It takes both sides co-operating to get the best results and build a long lasting and mutually beneficial relationship.

Here’s our list of key things that make for great agency-client relationships:

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One Simple Secret to Increase Mobile Readership by 100% on LinkedIn Groups

I’ve been frequenting a number of Inbound Marketing groups on LinkedIn, such as Inbound Marketers, Digital Marketing, and the Inbound Marketing University Alumni. These are great groups with tons of authors sharing great blog posts and information on blogging, search engine optimization, lead generation, social media, and so forth.

…But… There’s a Problem

I’ve noticed that some authors are posting articles in a way that guarantees mobile readers will not be able to enjoy their blog posts:

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How To Grow Your Business When You Can’t Take On Any More Work

How To Grow Your Business When You Can't Take On Any More Work

How To Grow Your Business When You Can’t Take On Any More Work

Business, Leadership, Marketing, Personal Development

Most marketing articles focus on how to cure the problem of having not enough work. But here in Grande Prairie, business owners have a unique problem: They have too much going on. To the point of it being unhealthy for their business.

It seems crazy that a small northern city would have this problem. But although our population is approximately 60,000, our service area includes about 280,000+ people in the surrounding communities, making us a regional hub for tourism and business in the north. We’ve been declared Canada’s Most Entrepreneurial City in 2010, 2011, and 2012 by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Trust me, we don’t mess around.

In the midst of all this entrepreneurial frenzy, businesses are actually scared to do any more sales and marketing. They can’t keep up to their current clients, let alone any new ones. Everything feels out of control.

Yet, they still need to grow to achieve their goals. How do you grow if you can’t keep up with the work? This article will teach you a simple process to do just that.

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How We Made Time Tracking Effortless

Custom Timer Web Application

How We Made Time Tracking Effortless

Business, Case Studies, Coding

An important part of runnng a marketing agency is tracking time. Not just for billable hours, but time spent on flat-rate projects to measure efficiency and profitability.

We used to track time using a variety of manual methods, from paper to excel spreadsheets to emails. But as the company grew, gathering up weekly time reports and manually compiling them into useful data became time consuming and tedious. It was time for a better solution.

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