We’re Moving…And Re-Inventing Ourselves!

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2013 has been a milestone year for nine10 Inc.  We’ve more than doubled in size, expanded our staff, moved to a larger office, changed the way we service our clientele and have completed a strategic merger with GoSocial. Change can be scary; it can also be the catalyst that brings new opportunities.  We’re excited that these opportunities are not just reserved for nine10, they’re opportunities that YOU can take advantage of.  Here’s the skinny…

Change is Good

New Location, New nine10

We’ve moved to a roomier, beautifully renovated office on the 3rd Floor of the Nordic Court Building.  Stop by for a quick tour – we’re just above our friends at Jeffery’s Café in Suite 305.

Shifting Gears…We Think You’re Ready.

Maybe you think we build websites or logos?  Well, we still do, but we’re so much more.  nine10 is a full-fledged Marketing Agency that develops advertising & promotional strategies to help companies grow. You might come to us for a website, but don’t be surprised if we ask you to pump the brakes.  Is a website really going to solve your problems?  What are your challenges, goals & objectives?  It’s likely that the right solution for you isn’t immediately obvious.  Here’s our challenge to you: Bring Us Problems, We’ll Find Solutions!

Powered by Great People

We’ve landed 2 great new team members.  Jarvis, our Jr. Developer & Jacqueline, our newest Designer, join Karen, Nikki, Alex, Emily, Danielle & the three principles Cris, Richard & Ryan.  This growing team is dedicated to YOU.

It’s Not a Rumor, We’ve Gone Social

So you’ve heard, nine10 has merged with GoSocial, a Social Media consultancy that specializes in social media, mobile apps and all things ‘web 2.0’ (aka: the new web).  We understand that your marketing requires holistic, integrated solutions.  Let’s kill that cliché.  We’re talking Marketing. Amplified.  This means that we utilize traditional (radio, print, outdoor) and amplify it with digital (web, social, mobile).  Simply put, traditional gives us wide awareness; digital makes it actionable & measurable.   If you’re not looking at the full picture, you’re missing powerful opportunities.

Come Check Us Out – We’re Just Getting Started!



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