The Secret Ingredient of the Perfect Marketing System

The Secret Ingredient of the Perfect Marketing System

Google the term “marketing system” and you’ll get over 12 million results that have been updated just in the last 24 hours. There’s a lot of people who consider themselves experts in marketing; companies big and small that offer the ‘perfect marketing system.’

All of them claim their system is the best, and admittedly, they all have their merits. But how do you choose the perfect system for you? Which one is truly the best? How can you ensure your marketing dollars will be spent wisely?

The Secret Sauce

The ingredient common to all successful marketing systems is measurement. Any system has the potential to work wonders. But only the data will tell you the truth.

Make Your Campaigns Measurable

One of the most powerful ways to add measurement to traditional campaigns is to add a digital component. The beauty of web, social, and mobile marketing is in how easy they make it to measure and report on results. The reporting is automatic, accurate and incredibly detailed—much more so than any traditional media you may be using.

Digital media becomes particularly powerful when it’s combined with traditional media (radio, newspaper, billboards, etc.) Traditional media is still an effective way to blanket the marketplace and get a wide degree of coverage. Combine it with digital, and suddenly you have a way to measure your traditional campaigns—among many other benefits, which we’ll get to next.

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Make Your Campaigns Actionable

Adding digital to your marketing strategy goes beyond just giving you measurement. It provides customers with ways to take action—right here, right now. When you use traditional media to get customers online, you can do some really awesome things. Of course, they can call you or become a sales lead. But there are many more exciting and particularly powerful things you can do, such as…

  • Generate qualified inquiries
  • Create ambassadors
  • Start conversations
  • Build community
  • Spread your message

Amplify Your Campaigns

Most traditional campaigns and websites have the customer arrive at a dead end. The customer calls or fills out a form and the action stops there. While you may get the sale, which is fantastic, you’ve missed out on a huge opportunity to drive much more awareness at no additional cost.

Using social media, you can create ambassadors for your brand at the same time they take action. Suddenly, your campaign transforms into something that spreads on its own. And it’s a lot more powerful than your own message because:

  1. Online messages spread like wildfire. The customer spreads it to their 250 friends… some of which spread it to their 250 or so friends… and before you know it, you’ve reached a few million potential customers without any additional cost or effort.
  2. Their message is more powerful than yours will ever be. It comes from a trusted friend, not some random guy shouting on the radio.
  3. The message can reach markets that money can’t buy. By spreading the message to their friends, you may be able to reach people which were impossible to reach otherwise.
  4. They do it for you. If you’ve set up your campaign properly, you get all of this promotion without spending an extra dime. This drives a lot of extra value that you won’t find elsewhere.

Using digital media properly, you can build more awareness, reach larger markets, and generate better results without paying for it. This is what we call amplification, and it’s something that we specialize in helping our clients utilize to the fullest.

Add Digital to Your Next Traditional Campaign

Next time you’re planning your traditional campaign or promotion, think about how you can add a digital component to add measurement and amplify your results. Use the form on the right to set up a meeting with us and learn how this process works.



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