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Designer-y Words You’ll Hear at a Kickoff Meeting for Branding Or Other Design Work

Starting a design project can seem like an overwhelming task at the beginning. There are many factors to consider and a lot of jargon flying around during the meeting. I often find myself defaulting into what I call “designer speak.” Graphic design has many technical terms. It’s essentially its own language and gets confusing very quickly. Terms such as vector, Pantone, and bleed can seem like total nonsense to those outside of our designer bubble.

Worry not, I have come to the rescue! Below you will find a compiled list of terms to help you get a better understanding of the technical language your graphic designer speaks.

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How Designers Create Design-y Logos & Websites

Designers get very elitist when it comes to the design craft (I’m sorry peeps, it’s true). Full disclosure, I am a designer — so I get to say that — and the fact that I have a designer brain means I can share some insight into the creative process.

At nine10 we strive to do a couple of things: create approachable designs and educate you, the client, on your design and how to use it in the real world. In other words, we want to make design accessible to you.

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nine10 Website Package Comparison

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nine10 Website Package Comparison

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You’ve decided it’s time for your Grande Prairie business to get a brand-spankin’-new website. Congratulations! But, as you’ve discovered, the decision-making process has just begun! Now that you understand a website is necessary for your online presence, it’s time to choose which type of website is right for your business.

At nine10, we have several options to choose from, and we’ll be giving you our professional assistance in selecting the best plan for your team. In this article, we’ll cover what “Navigator” and “Storyteller” websites mean, the strengths of each website package, and give you a few real examples of Websites we’ve created to demonstrate the differences.

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How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hacking

Security is a hot topic for anybody who uses a phone, computer, or just about any other Internet-connected device. With a slew of recent security breaches at major companies like Target, LinkedIn, and Sony, as well as well-publicized activity by major hacking groups, the public is becoming more and more aware of how important security is.

When designing a website, app or software, the question comes up: How secure is it going to be? And the answer I like to reply with is: How secure are you?  In this article, I want to explore this topic. I’ll start by debunking a few myths about security, pointing out why you might be your own worst security threat, and some things that you can do to protect your website.

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Comparing Hosting Prices? Make Sure It’s Apples to Apples!

Hosting is cheap. You can go online and find hosting for a few dollars a month. Of course, most clients are aware of this, so it’s natural that the question pops up: Why does your hosting cost so much more than [insert $5/month provider here]?

nine10 Hosting is More Than Hosting

Our hosting price is higher than the bottom-of-the-barrel hosting options on the web. What makes it different (and worth it) is the support that comes with it. When you host your nine10-built website with us, the hosting includes a high degree of support and service for the hosting and your website.

When you host with us…

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Website Features: Add It Now or Later?

A really common question we get from clients buying websites is if they should add a feature while building the website, or save it for a future upgrade. There’s lots to consider here, and the answer really depends—sometimes it makes sense to add it now, other times to save it for later. This blog post provides some key points to consider, and will hopefully help guide your decision in an objective way.

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What is Website Hosting and Why Do I Need It?

What is Website Hosting?

Every company by now, be it startup, or Fortune 500, should understand the importance of maintaining an online presence. But what is website hosting?

Website hosting is the necessary base element to gaining and maintaining an online presence. Since analogies are often one of the best ways to understand things, here’s one to explain web hosting.

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Smart Businesses Connect with People on the Go

If you’re an entrepreneur, you likely understand that to be successful and competitive in the marketplace, customer service needs to reach people “right here, right now.” People expect information in real time—with the click of a link or a touch on the screen. And they want it while they are waiting at their doctor’s office, walking down the street, or relaxing in their easy chair.

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