How to be the Goldilocks of Social Media

Goldilocks Social Media

You may be asking yourself what the Goldilocks of social media is exactly? One could equate it to posting, liking, and sharing the right amount of content . . . you know . . . making sure the frequency of your posts is “just right.”

Businesses from the local level to Fortune 500 have Facebook accounts and are vying for consumer engagement. That being said, when you do get fans engaging with you or your company, what is the right frequency for responding?

Social Media is a Marathon, not a Sprint – You have this shiny new Facebook account and have the urge to post every hour about all your fabulous new merchandise, upcoming sales, and  . . . oh, what you had for lunch.

This method of social media will get you on a one way ticket to unsubscribed-ville. The better approach is to be consistent with one to three posts per day, maintaining a three hour gap between posts. Photos count as posts as well, so if you have more than three photos to post, create an album.

President of Posting – No matter how big your company is, there should be one designated person responsible for the majority of the updates. This will lower your chance of back to back posts.

If all else fails, check the wall before posting and note the time the last status was made. That way, there will be no repetition and you’ll be making the most of each update.

Lovers, Haters, Question Askers and Commentators – No matter what kind of post makes its way to your wall, you need to respond. Whether it is a problem or a simple comment, this person felt the need to share with your organization. Disregarding their comments speaks volumes and won’t be good for business.

For any kind of negative post it is best to invite the individual to contact your company via private message or email so you can address their concerns in a more personal, in-depth manner. Moreover, remember your community can see that angry post. If you don’t reply, it appears as though you are unconcerned with customer support, which can be detrimental to your reputation.

Social media is like a partnership with give and take of information and shared experiences. If that partnership becomes a one way street on your part, you are not taking full advantage of the beauty that makes social media “social!”

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