Hey, is that Narnia Back There?

Hey, is that Narnia Back There?

Sometimes, you get to do something different—and destructive—at your business.

There has been empty office space beside us since we moved up to the tenth floor of the only highrise building in Grande Prairie; empty space that we have been possessively salivating over for a few months now. Admin staff was explicitly instructed to watch and immediately report any suspicious browsing behavior by anyone who was not recognized. When such news was reported, the entire office was immediately thrown into a tizzy. Who is looking? Why are they there? Don’t they know that eventually that space is ours? Who do we have to arm wrestle to ensure they don’t take our future space?

OK, we’re actually not very good at arm wrestling. Which is good, because it looks like we don’t have to employ those type of skills.

Last night, after a good, productive day of client meetings, design, number crunching, and friendly banter, we officially cut a hole in the wall between our existing space and the office next door. Although we had been tempted at times to take such measures before we had permission (or a signed lease), everything was legit for this particular project. A celebratory cheer went up around the stragglers who stayed to watch as drywall flew and steel studs were removed. I even took a crack at punching out a piece of drywall and managed to get a small scrape on my knuckle, of which I remained proud until it disappeared. No scars for this girl, I guess.

As the collective sighs of proprietary satisfaction died down, we realized that all those years of dedication, laughter, sweat, and tears had brought us to another amazing milestone in our businesses. It meant no more sitting on each other’s laps while we tried to get all of our work done. It meant finally having a sink. It meant, hopefully, something that would continue to aid us in our quest for client satisfaction.

Watch for our next installment… floors and wires!