Employee Recruitment: Branding & Marketing Isn’t Just For Sales

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When you think of branding or marketing, do your first thoughts go straight to your income statement? If so, it’s not surprising. Most businesses think of branding & marketing as primarily a sales tool. But there’s another aspect of branding & marketing that affects a very important area of your business: recruiting & hiring the best employees

Grande Prairie, being the hub to a very prosperous economic region, presents a double-edged sword to employers: On one hand, it provides them with a steady stream of work. Selling is not usually their biggest problem. But finding the right people to do the work is.

And that’s where the disconnect happens. Employers tend to view branding & marketing as an effort to increase sales. But what they don’t realize, is it equally affects their ability to recruit and hire qualified, professional staff. Employees are watching, reading, and listening. What they see and hear has a major influence on how they view you as a potential employer. What kind of image and message are you putting out there for potential recruits to find? With competition for skilled workers being fierce, your recruitment marketing & brand needs to be in tip-top shape.

Marketing Tips for Employers Recruiting Staff in Grande Prairie

  • Not Everything is Money: Money is important, but for many employees, it’s not everything. Employees want to take pride in where they work, to know they are doing something meaningful, and doing it with a winning team. Your brand plays a very big role in shaping a recruits opinion of your company from this perspective. Assuming the pay is similar, it’s the “soft” factors that will tip the scale.
  • Look The Part: If your brand looks like it was designed by a caribou with a bottle of Jack, get help before you start a major recruitment campaign. Don’t let a competitor with a better website get the pick of the litter.
  • Stand Out: In a competitive recruitment market, it’s not enough to simply have a position available. If you want great people, you’re going to need to stand out. With the sheer volume of job ads on the market, it’s going to take a higher level of creativity to get noticed.
  • Be Relevant: A strong brand is relevant to its target audience. If you can connect with a potential recruit on a deeper level, you’ll have a much better chance of seeing their resume. Invest in researching your target audience and developing offer packages and messaging that speak to their wants and needs.

More Than Sales

Building a strong brand is about more than sales. It’s also about recruitment – and if you’re desperate to recruit great staff, don’t overlook your company’s image.

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