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coffee image Five ways to make your designer happy.

Five ways to make your designer happy (and end up with a finished product that you love).

On the whole designers are a pretty easy bunch to please, especially if you tell us you like Helvetica or buy us the occasional soy …

With all apologies to Milton Glaser.

The Tragedy of Comic Sans

Oh Comic Sans… few typefaces evoke such strong emotion as our quirky little friend. Whether you love it  (Slightly-NSFW, salty language) or hate it, you have an …

The Meaning of Colours

The Meaning of Colors

Color influences our life every day. We base opinions and reactions off of emotions that it evokes.  Some people even base their careers off of …

Should I Use Pictures from Google?

How Much Is That Image in The Window?

All about Canadian copyright law, and when and where you can use copyrighted material. Disclaimer: This isn’t legal advice! Copyright law is complex, and the …

I know why the kenneled dog barks

I Know Why the Kenneled Dog Barks

…or, how I learned that something that you create can take on a life and meaning of its own. A couple months ago I was …

The Mountain

Design + Living: Building Urban Mountains

I recently watchted Bjarke Ingles on TED Talks (video below), where he discussed some of the projects his international architectural firm had been working on. …

DrawSomething App Screenshot

Can DrawSomething Teach You To Be a Better Designer?

If you’ve owned your mobile phone for more than a day or two, you’re probably familiar with the app DrawSomething. It’s basically a digital version …

your logo whats it worth

Your Logo – What’s it worth?

It takes work to keep a foothold above your competitors. You might have a great product, but success truly comes with leaving your customers with …

how color affects your perception

Colour – The Silent Salesperson

Colour conveys meanings and feelings. It stimulates the senses, boosts memory, and is an instantaneous method of conveying messages. It is powerful, persuasive and subliminal. …

rubber band ball guilty of obfuscation

Are you guilty of obfuscation?

obfuscate: to make obscure or unclear; to muddle; confuse; bewilder Potential consumers are busy and sophisticated. They are surrounded every day with thousands of messages …

branding small business

Too Small to Think About Branding? Think Again.

Often we hear people talking about branding like it’s an esoteric voodoo thing that only Fortune 500 companies can afford to do. Or that small …

brand identity helping hurting

Is Your Brand Identity Helping or Hurting Your Business?

We pick up many subtle cues from the way things look and quickly form opinions about them. We do this every day when we look …