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The Challenge

D&S Innovations came to nine10 in need of a logo to represent their new business venture. The goal of the company is to generate innovations that make our world smarter and more humane. The company didn’t have a specific service offering or product at the start; they were open to working with any organization, institution, industry or product in order to innovate the world around us. This posed a bit of a challenge in terms of design. While there was not a specific service or product offering to lean on for design inspiration, we were able to rely on the strong personality the owners had in mind for the company. They needed a logo to represent the accessible, adventurous, collaborative, and innovative company they wanted to build.

Our Solutions

It was important for D&S Innovations to have a logo that was meaningful. They liked the idea of an abstract icon design to represent the company. We explored several different design concepts at the beginning of the project. We provided the client with 3 rough concept options to choose from and the client selected a concept that uses geometric shapes to construct an abstract sun on the horizon. The horizon is symbolic of a new day and forward motion through time passing. This concept represented the goal of moving our world forward into better ways of living through innovation.

Logo Symbolism

The collection of shapes within the design all have an intricate symbolic meaning.

1. The Horizon

The main goal behind D&S Innovations is to help create a smarter and more humane world through innovation. The design of the logo is based abstractly around the concept of the horizon. The top 3 sections represent the sun rising over the horizon, this symbolizes a new day and creating a new future with innovation. 

2. Past, Present, & Future

Time is a prominent theme in this logo design. The 3 top sections each represent the Past, Present, & Future. D&S Innovations seeks to learn from the past, live in the present, and look forward to the future. One of their main philosophies is that you cannot go back, you can only live in the now and prepare for the future. 

3. Natural 4’s

This logo is filled with numerological symbolism and connections to nature. This section is also connected to the concept of time within nature. The earth has 4 seasons, the moon moves through 4 phases (full, new, & quarters) and there are 4 main elements that rule our planet (fire, air, water, earth) 

4. Coming Together

D&S Innovations is a collborative company. They see the need to work with others to innovate our world. Hexagons have been said to represent unity and linking together. Hexagons also tie into the overall theme of time, there is a hexagonal storm on the planet Saturn. This planet is named after the roman god who ruled time.

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