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The Challenge

Cory Pelchat is part of the Grassroots Realty Group. She came to nine10 looking for a visual identity and a custom branded MLS website. Cory is strategic, stylish, and youthful; She needed a brand that would represent those qualities. Her goal as a realtor is to help her clients find their dream home or make selling their current home a breeze. Cory wanted a brand that represented her as a woman in her field but still maintained a level of gender neutrality. The goal was to represent Cory authentically and give her an online space to direct her clients to.

Our Solutions

The Brand

Cory came to us with an existing logo and we were able to build an entire brand around the existing logo design. Cory felt that her logo represented her and was recognizable to her clients, so we chose to extract elements from the logo to create branded graphic elements. These graphic elements helped to reinforce the recognizability of Cory’s brand, even when her logo is not present in a design. Having an easily recognizable brand helped Cory to establish and differentiate herself in the Grande Prairie real estate market.

A keyhole element was extracted from her logo and made into a decorative element reminiscent of lace trim. The crown in the logo was also extracted to create a delicate geometric pattern that is reminiscent of delicate sewing on fine garments. These references to expensive fashion from eras of the past helped to reinforce the royal feel of the brand. Cory wants to find her clients their modern-day castle. To keep the brand modern we used a vibrant palette of teal blues mixed with a light grey and deep royal blue that is almost black. The addition of a marble texture background also tied in the ideas of royalty and modernity.

The final aspect of the brand involved creating a customized Canva Brand Kit for Cory. We uploaded all of her branded assets, colours, fonts, and logos into Canva. We also created a series of branded templates for her to use on a regular basis. The templates focused on open houses, sold homes, new listings, and testimonials. We wanted Cory to be able to apply her brand without needing extensive training in graphic design or having to reach out to a designer for every graphic need.

The Website

The brand was then applied to Cory’s MLS website. This website allows for Cory’s clients to browse listings and learn all about the advantages of working with her. The website includes features like testimonials and a highly detailed property search. Her clients also have the ability to keep track of their favourite listings via Cory’s site or reach out to her directly about a listing. The goal of her site was to create an easy home buying & selling experience.

Cory’s dog Bonnie became an important part of her brand. Bonnie is featured heavily within Cory’s branded photography that was used in various places throughout the site. Cory and her assistant Kailey both have strong bonds with their dogs, so they were featured prominently on the site. Cory’s pup Bonnie even has her own bio. Incorporating her dog into her website and branding is another way we were able to make Cory memorable in her market.

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