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The Challenge

Ecofor is a natural and cultural resource management company with offices throughout western Canada and Nova Scotia. Their clients include developers, landowners, government, First Nations, and Indigenous organizations. Ecofor Consulting Ltd. came to nine10 looking to create a clean and consistent look throughout their visual identity and website. They were hoping to create a brand that showcased the company’s personality and highlight their services.

Ecofor Consulting Ltd. came to nine10 looking to create a clean and consistent look throughout their visual identity and website.

Our Solutions

The Logo

nine10 began this project by making some slight revisions to Ecofor’s existing logo. Extensive changes were not necessary but the client was hoping to refresh the existing logo slightly. We created a revised logo that shifted emphasis onto the company name and icon. This was achieved by removing an existing tagline and enlarging the company name.

The Brand

The client described Ecofor’s personality as fun, outdoorsy, and non-corporate but still professional. With Ecofor’s services being primarily nature-related, the brand was designed to have an earthy feel but did not rely on greens or browns to achieve this. nine10 worked with the clients existing colour palette, the focus was kept on the deep blue and burgundy red colours within the logo.

Various woodgrain graphic elements were created to achieve the outdoorsy brand we were aiming for. A custom set of icons created to represent Ecofor’s services incorporated these woodgrain elements.

In addition to creating stationery for the client, nine10 also set up a Canva Brand Kit for Ecofor. This kit included a set of custom premade templates that suited the client’s needs. Templates for quotes, job postings, team members, and events were created for the client to use as needed. In addition to creating templates in Canva, nine10 added the client’s fonts, brand colours, logos, and graphic assets to Canva for easy use.

The Website

Ecofor’s services being environmental made it important for their website to have the same earthy feel of their brand. Using branded elements nine10 created and imagery provided by the client to create a website that felt outdoorsy in every way.

The client had an expansive collection of photos taken while working out in the field. They wanted these photos to be prominently featured across their website. Using modules such as the photo gallery allowed nine10 to display these photos in various locations throughout the website.

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