Continuing Our Support of the Local Arts Community

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During this challenging time, it’s important communities rally together. Here at nine10, we’re committed to supporting our local arts community and so we’re proud to announce the renewal of our support for the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie as their Creative Partner

As their Creative Partner, we provide graphic design services and a range of support for creative projects online. One such project is the widely successfulArt at Home project.

As explained by Jeff Erbach, Executive Director of the Gallery, this partnership is special to the region. “We feel this is a leading practice model in our community, where a public institution like ours partners with a private business on the basis of shared community values, creativity, innovation and that entrepreneurial spirit so famed in Grande Prairie,” Erbach explains. “The services nine10 provide us are critical in our success for how we can position our artistic endeavours.” 

Showcasing community support and creative expertise simultaneously is a vital element of this partnership, as our very own Ryan Blais advocates. He adds, “In order to do great work with our community partners, we need passionate involvement and focus. We have that in spades with Jeff and his team. The ‘Art at Home’ project is just one example of how we can help add polish and digital functionality to a very timely arts initiative.” 

We’ve served as a ‘Creative Partner’ for the Art Gallery of Grande Prairie since 2018. The Gallery provides nine10 a range of benefits, which includes access to work in their Collection for display, and, in exchange, receives financial and in-kind contributions of nine10’s professional services.

Stay tuned for more updates on this important partnership.

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