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Accessing Your Website Analytics

Your website comes with Google Analytics, the leading website tracking & statistics platform. To get started with Analytics, follow these steps.

Step 1: Get a Google Account for your company

You will need a Google account to access Analytics.

If you already have a Google account:

  • Skip to Step 2.

If you do not have a Google account:

  • Create a Google Account at the link below:
    • Create a Google Account
    • We recommend signing up with a company email account, ideally a central email that will stay with the company for a long time (e.g., info@company.com, or webmaster@company.com)

Step 2: Request access from nine10

Once you have your Google Account ready, the next step is to let nine10 know you need access:

  • Send an email support@nine10.ca and provide the email address tied to your Google Account
  • nine10 will add this account so you can access your stats!

Step 3: Login to Google Analytics

Once nine10 confirms you have been added, you can always access your Analytics by visiting:

You may also get an invitation email directly from Google, you can use that to access them as well.

Step 4: View your website stats

  • Once you are in your Google Analytics dashboard, click on the name of your website to access the reports.

Getting Further Help

  • Visit the Google Analytics Help Centre for articles, information and introductions on using Google Analytics.
  • Search Google for information about using Google Analytics.
  • nine10 also offers basic training, consulting and customization of Google Analytics at a fee.


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