Take this Quote and Post It

Steve Jobs Quote on Post-It Note

Take this Quote and Post It

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Steve Jobs quotes to inspire and make you smile

From designing circuit boards to the wonder of Pixar’s Toy Story to world of Apple, Steve Jobs left his mark on history as a true icon of the tech industry.

Steve Jobs was a visionary and a creative genius who inspired us with his list of accomplishments and innovative spirit. But he also left us with words of wisdom—as powerful as any of his products.

Today we leave you with 10 memorable Steve Jobs quotes. Write each quote on a post-it, stick a new one to your computer every day, and let some of these “lessons in wisdom” motivate and inspire you.

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Designers: How to Get an Apple Quality Monitor Without Spending $800+

Apple monitors are renown for their color quality, wide viewing angles, and beautiful design. They are indeed the holy grail of monitors, especially for designers and printers who need accurate color reproduction under a variety of lighting conditions.

But of course, many designers can’t afford to spend $800+ on a new monitor, as beautiful as it may be. So most head down to their local Future Shop or London Drugs to choose from the myriad of home-grade monitors made by major brands like Samsung, LG, Viewsonic and Acer.

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