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Don’t Lose Your Domain Name to a Scammer

There are shady companies who will try to steal your domain name under the guise of a renewal notice. They make you think you’re simply paying to renew your domain, where in reality, they’re getting you to transfer it to their business. It’s a shady practice that while technically legal, it’s hugely unethical, and can cause a nightmare for your business if it succeeds (imagine your email going down for months … or forever.) This article explains the issue, what really happens, and how you can prevent it from happening to you.

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What Do Attackers Gain By Hacking a Small Website?

In a blog post titled “Why Attackers Hack Small Sites“, Pilar Garcia of Sucuri outlines some of the key reasons that attackers will hack small websites. The article expands on an issue I pointed out in my article about protecting your WordPress website: The fact that you don’t need to be big to be a target. In the article, Pilar postulates that the two key reasons websites get hacked are money and exposure. I agree with Pilar’s list, but would add three more very important points to it.

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How to Protect Your WordPress Website From Hacking

Security is a hot topic for anybody who uses a phone, computer, or just about any other Internet-connected device. With a slew of recent security breaches at major companies like Target, LinkedIn, and Sony, as well as well-publicized activity by major hacking groups, the public is becoming more and more aware of how important security is.

When designing a website, app or software, the question comes up: How secure is it going to be? And the answer I like to reply with is: How secure are you?  In this article, I want to explore this topic. I’ll start by debunking a few myths about security, pointing out why you might be your own worst security threat, and some things that you can do to protect your website.

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