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Emma joined the nine10 team in November 2019 as part of our graphic design team. She came to us with over 15 years of self-taught design skills in addition to her design diploma. Emma is a born and raised Albertan, she joins nine10 remotely from Blind Bay, BC now.

Emma’s passion for graphic design began when she was nine years old. She loved the website Neopets and wanted to learn how to create customized graphics for her account profile. She spent weeks teaching herself how to work with photoshop and learning where to replace images and hex codes within the HTML code. At this time, Emma was not aware that she had started on a lifelong path of self-teaching graphic design. She spent the rest of her teen years teaching herself new skills through online tutorials and Youtube Videos.

When she finished high school, she initially chose a different career path. After a few years on this path, she realized graphic design was what she needed to be doing. Even prior to her formal training, Emma was providing graphic design work to the company she worked as a receptionist for. By 2015, Emma was eager to get into the working world, so she enrolled in a graphic design diploma. Her time in school helped to refine and expand her skills. After graduating with honours, she ventured out into the world to work full-time as a graphic designer.

Her professional career as a graphic designer began in the world of promotional products. While working in that industry, Emma discovered she had a special skill for creating custom branded luggage. She got the opportunity to design luggage for several companies including the Toronto Blue Jays, Vancouver Canucks, Edmonton Valley Zoo, and The Expanse on Amazon Prime! Emma was lucky enough to be gifted some of her custom designs and continues to use them when she travels.

Outside of work and graphic design, Emma loves to spend her time snuggling her 2 cats. Her cats make frequent appearances on nine10’s social media platforms. She jokingly refers to them as her lazy coworkers. Emma also loves learning about astrology, binge-watching her favourite tv shows, and rollerblading.

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I can bench press a sentence!

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