Mobile Marketing

iPhone, Android, Windows & Blackberry smartphones are powerful pocket computers. These evolved devices change the game when it comes to marketing. nine10 develops strategies that use these devices to their fullest potential.

QR Codes

QR codes, those funny little black and white codes that people scan, are tremendously powerful and allow you to turn your offline print materials into interactive digital experiences. Think of QR codes as internet ‘links’ that live in the real world. Let nine10 show you how powerful they are by building a QR scanner into your mobile app and activating a QR code startegy for your business.

Push Notifications

When you need to tell a friend something very quickly, and be sure they get it, you send them a text message. Apps have the same capability by sending Push Notifications. With an app installed to your customer’s phone, you can reach them any time with powerful messages, promotions and incentives.

Unlocking Content

An app is one of the best places to showcase your exclusive offers, special incentives or digital coupons. With apps, you can ‘lock’ these special offers until customer share them with their Facebook friends or Twitter followers. There’s one thing better than a customer that claims a coupon – a customer that tells all their friends that they just claimed your coupon!

Instant Gratification

Mobile apps are pocket companions, easily accessible at the blink of an eye. Imagine a print or radio ad that caught your customer’s attention about one of your services. You can hope that they’ll remember to check out your website when they get home or you can provide instant access with an app. Your customers have immediate needs. Give them instant gratification with in-the-pocket access.


It’s not an exaggeration – close to 100% of consumers turn to the internet to find and/or research businesses. Approaching 50% of the time, they’ll do this from a mobile device. Be prepared to supply your customers with an app that provides the best experience, because 50% of their time on a mobile device is spent in an app!

SoLoMo… Say What?

SoLoMo – Social Local Mobile – is the intersection of social media, local commerce and location-aware (GPS) technology for marketing & advertising opportunities. Your app can know who your user is, where they are, and give them contextual information along with the ability to purchase or claim an offer in the moment.