iPhone & Android Apps

Mobile apps aren’t simply a hot trend that will fade away; they offer the most powerful experience for your mobile-centric audience. If you think websites were powerful, wait until you see what apps can do for your business.

App Store Discovery

We take care of submitting & publishing your custom developed apps to the Apple App Store & Google Play market so that you can be found by your target audience in the world’s most popular app ecosystems.

Social Media

What’s better than an app? An app powered and enhanced by Social Media. By connecting the world’s most powerful social media networks to your app, we create a more engaging user experience and encourage sharing of your branded content.

Auto-Updated Content from Web to App

If you’re looking to develop an app you probably already have a great website. nine10 ensures that your website and app play nicely together by building deep integration between the two. A change of content to your website is mirrored within the app, increasing efficieny and making your life that much easier.


See what your audience is viewing, sharing, buying, where they live, how long they are in the app and other important demographic and geographic information. Its the perfect way to learn about your target audience.

Mobile Commerce

The concept of E-Commerce on a website has been around for a while. Now you can give your customers the power to buy from their pocket with an E-Commerce enabled app by nine10.

Free vs. Pay

nine10 helps you to decide if you should position your app as a free download or if it’s advantageous to charge for it. Don’t leave money on the table if your app can be positioned as an app with a price tag.

Custom Look & Feel

Maybe your developed app should be simple as possible with a straight-forward design. On the other hand, you might need a fully customized design that sets you apart from your competition. Either way, nine10 has you covered.


An app, like a website or a Facebook page, has the ability for your users to add comments, share content and engage in community discussion. nine10 will assist you in creating the ability to moderate user content with the click of a button or automatically with moderation filters.

Location, Location, Location

iPhones and Android devices have GPS capabilities and make your app locally relevant. Reach out to you audience based on location and activities, where you’ll be able to share information based on their whereabouts.