Build Awareness

Make your name known in the community and build trust in your brand.

Be Consistent

When building awareness, you need to be consistent across all of your marketing and advertising channels. nine10 specializes in building consistent and cohesive awareness campaigns across both new and traditional channels.

Awareness About What?

Maybe you’re looking for your audience to know that you’ve changed your name, or perhaps you have a completely new product that blows your competition out of the water. Awareness campaigns should be specific and targeted so that your audience will understand your message quickly. nine10 can help take the mystery out of this process so you can get back to doing what you do best.

Spotting Opportunities

Building awareness is a tricky process, but sometimes it’s as simple as spotting opportunities. Maybe you’ve overlooked the local tradeshow that has nothing to do with your business but is a major attraction for your target audience. Cross-promoting with vendors might also be something you’ve overlooked. With so many options on the table, nine10 helps you to identify the right opportunities.

It’s Not Always About the Money

Perhaps you’re looking to create a large awareness campaign and you’re ready to discuss budgets for radio, web, print…whatever it takes. Maybe there’s better options for your business that aren’t in the form of paid media. A community involvement project, volunteer drive with your employees, or local sponsorship of a not-for-profit might be the fit for you. The nine10 team are more than experts in marketing. We are all involved in your community, too, and will help you identify cost effective awareness opportunities.