GP Brewing Co.

The Assignment

GP Brewing Co. is a locally-owned and operated microbrewery specializing in creating delicious craft beer. The microbrewery prides itself on choosing suppliers and vendors who are located as locally as possible, from using ingredients grown on local farms to using Canadian-made brewing equipment. A ‘Farm to Can’ philosophy is closely observed, ensuring a fresh brew every time.

GP Brewing Co. officially opened its doors to the public on March 11, 2016. Long before that, planning started to create a brand that would truly showcase the virtues of the product. Once the original logo and packaging designs were created, GP Brewing Co. approached nine10 to build a coherent set of brand guidelines and marketing assets that will be used by internal & external stakeholders in GP Brewing Co. In addition, GP Brewing Co. also solicited consultative advice on their first-year marketing plan, including campaign calendar and budget planning for their in-house team’s use.


This project was unique because the brand’s foundation was already near completion from the beginning; logos, fonts, colours, and can designs were supplied. But prior to putting pen to paper (or finger to key), the nine10 team facilitated discovery sessions with the GP Brewing Co. team in order to create a comprehensive, functional package that would meet the needs of this new venture.

During these discovery sessions, nine10 suggested the following products:

  • Brand & Marketing Consultation
  • Visual Identity & Brand Standards Guide
  • First Year Marketing Plan

The Solution

Extended Visual Identity & Brand Standards Guide

This extensive guide contains 40 pages of brand rules for GP Brewing Co. and each individual brew, technical specifications for logo usage, fonts, colours and layouts, templates for stationery, advertisements, and signage, plus guidance on content, tone, and messaging. This guide helps ensure that everybody involved in promoting GP Brewing Co. is on the same page about how to do it and how it should look. It also provides a comprehensive set of templates for their team to use to streamline their efficiency in building marketing materials and reduce overall marketing costs.

First Year Marketing Plan

The First Year Marketing Plan consisted of a 50-page manual, automated budgeting spreadsheet and automated schedule spreadsheet for media management. Included in the manual was full analysis of target markets, demographics, geographic considerations, market share, potential reach, and messaging.

  • Analysis of target markets & demographics, geography, market share, reach, messaging
  • Social Media: channels, strategy, promotions, integration
  • Website: sitemap, tone, imagery, features & functionality, email marketing, maintenance & technical considerations
  • Marketing Plan – Overview, budget, schedules, media channels, creative direction, measurement
  • Process Plan – responsibilities, accountabilities, workflow, reporting, other management
  • Supplementary planning and budgeting spreadsheets