Transferring Your Email Away From nine10

How to Move Your Email to Another Provider

A number of steps need to happen before we can turn off your hosting to prevent interruptions or less of data for your email services.

Not following these steps correctly or in the right order can cause permanent loss of data (such as losing your emails!) It is the responsibility of your new provider to guide you through the process and ensure these steps are followed correctly. nine10 does not support third party systems, nor do we have control over this process and we are not responsible for your or your new provider’s actions.

The following is a general overview of the basic steps involved to move your email from one provider to another. These are not complete instructions and should not be followed without the expert guidance of a qualified I.T. professional.

Step 1: Setup Your New Email Accounts At Your New Provider

Once you have selected your new email provider (e.g. Office 365, Google G-Suite, other web hosting service, etc.), set up your new email accounts on their system. You may have (or want) an I.T. provider to help you with this process.

Step 2: Move Your Existing Mail to the New Accounts

The next step is to connect to your old accounts and transfer the mail, data, contacts, folders (etc) out of them and into your new email accounts. It is the responsibility of your new I.T. provider to advise the best method(s) to do this and guide you through the process.

Step 3: Change DNS Settings

Once the mail is successfully moved, change the DNS settings on your domain to redirect new email to your new accounts. This effectively activates the new email accounts.

Step 4: Verify New Accounts Are Working

We recommend waiting at least 3 full days and verifying that everything is working on the new systems before you shut down service with nine10. Ensure your new accounts are fully working, all of your emails,  attachments, folders, contacts and data is in them, and no new mail is coming to the old accounts. You may wish to periodically check the old accounts to ensure no new mail trickles in during the transition period – if so, transfer it to your new accounts. WebMail is a useful tool to check the old accounts with.

Step 5: Shut Down Service with nine10

Have the official contact on your account send a request in writing to

This request must come from the official contact (typically whoever signed the contract or was designated as the primary/official contact during the original project), not a staff member or the new web provider.

Once nine10 shuts down services, they will delete the email account(s) hosted on their server(s). This deletion is permanent and cannot be undone – and once done all data such as email messages, contacts, etc. in the email account on our server will be gone permanently. Be 100% sure that your new systems are working and that all of your data is there before sending the shutdown request!

Grace Period for Disabled Email Accounts

If you have email accounts with nine10 that are suspended due to non-payment, nine10 provides a 30-day grace period to allow you to connect to and recover your data (as described in Step 2 above) before billing must be re-activated. This grace period can only be activated once, so we recommend being fully ready to make the move with your new I.T. provider before starting this process.