Fixing Blocked Email Notifications

What is happening?

When somebody submits a form on your website, you don’t get the email with the information at the email address it’s supposed to go to.

Why is this happening?

Your email server is blocking the website messages as spam.

We find this happens most often on Microsoft Exchange servers. They tend to reject website-generated emails more than other servers in our experience.

How to Fix This

Contact your I.T. professional and provide them the link to this page.

Your I.T. professional is the person who likely set up your email / server for you, and/or the person you call now when things go wrong with your email, server, printers or network.

Whitelist Specifications

From Address

Emails sent via the website are usually sent from the following email address:

Replace with the domain the website is running on. Try whitelisting this server-wide as a first step.

SMTP Server IP Addresses

Should whitelisting the address not work, you can try whitelisting the servers themselves. Emails from the website are sent from SMTP servers in the following IP range:

SPF Records

If your mail accounts are on the same domain as the website, you may also want to add the following SPF record to allow mail to originate from a foreign server:

For example:

 v=spf1 ~all

Note that the “” is not part of the required record. This is just to illustrate you’ll likely want to add our server to your existing list of SPF records, not replace them entirely.