Moving Email to nine10

Moving Your Email to nine10

Please note that nine10 email accounts are limited to 5GB per inbox. If your current mail provider allows more storage and you have more mail in your inbox than this, you will need to archive/offload old emails before making this transfer. Your current email provider and/or IT support should be able to help you with this process. If you feel you will need more space than this, nine10’s email system likely won’t meet your needs. We recommend seeking a different solution like Google G-Suite or Microsoft Office 365. We are happy to recommend an IT provider who can help you set these up.

This page outlines the steps involved in moving your email to nine10. The steps include:

1. Provide nine10 with access to the control panel for your domain name

If nine10 does not have access to modify your domain name already, you’ll need to provide that to us. Usually this will be a login for a control panel / website where the domain was purchased, such as GoDaddy,, TELUS, or some other provider. nine10 can look up the public records to let you know which provider it is if you do not know.

2. Provide nine10 with a login to your email control panel, OR, a list of your current emails, passwords, and connection information

If you would like nine10 to transfer your existing mail to the new accounts, we will need access to the old ones. If you have a login for your existing email control panel (where you would go to add and remove email accounts for your company), please provide that to us.

If you do not have this information, or do not have access to any such control panel, you will need to provide nine10 with:

  • a list of email accounts you currently use at your company
  • the password for each account
  • the connection details (server, ports, etc.) for the server

If your email is/was managed by another web/IT provider, you may ask them to send nine10 this information as well. Or you can connect nine10 with them directly and nine10 can request this information.

3. Provide nine10 with an alternate email we can send the new email settings to once the new accounts are ready.

We need an alternate email we can send the new email account settings to which won’t be affected by the switch. Typically this email address will be a personal hotmail, Gmail, or sometimes the email of your IT / tech support person on your end.

4. Schedule a date for the transfer where your team is available and you will be able to change settings on your phones/computers to move to the new email.

The process to move the emails and switch information takes roughly 30-60 minutes, depending on the number of emails and how much data is in them. It is best if this process is completed for your entire team at the same time, however it can be completed later for team members who can’t attend if scheduling is an issue. Just know that any team members that don’t change their settings will not be able to access their new emails until they change the settings. Mail will still get delivered and will be waiting for them once they do make the change.

Prior to this date, please:

  • Inform all team members this change is happening, so they are not surprised when their old email account stops working, or cut off from email out in the field (etc.)

On this day, please:

  • Have all of your devices ready for settings changes. Bring your laptops, phones, etc. that have your email accounts set up on their to one place.
  • Have somebody around who knows how to change the settings on your various devices. nine10 will send you the settings for the new accounts, and then this person will need to go on each of your computers/phones/etc. and change the settings accordingly. nine10 is unable to provide support for this step. We are happy to recommend an IT provider if you do not have somebody who can help you with that step.

The steps that will happen are:

  1. nine10 will set up new accounts on our server
  2. nine10 will make mail deliver to your new accounts instead of the old ones (at this point, mail will stop delivering to your devices until you change your settings.)
  3. nine10 will transfer the existing mail from your old accounts to the new accounts. This may result in the password on the old accounts being reset.
  4. nine10 will send you the new connection settings to the alternate email address you provided in Step 3 above.
  5. Your local support person will use these settings to connect all of your devices to the new email accounts, and confirm they are connected and can send/receive mail.

Several hours after the transfer:

  1. nine10 will perform one more email sync from the old accounts to the new ones, to be sure that any mail that happened to be delivered to the old account during the transition is moved into the new one.

Three days after the transfer:

  1. Your support person should verify that all of your email accounts are fully functional, that all of your email messages and information is there, and there are no issues.
  2. If everything is good, you can shut down email service at your old provider.


These are the key steps to an email transfer. It honestly looks more complicated than it is, but the key to making this a smooth transition is that you have somebody at your location who knows how to change the email settings on your devices to connect the new account. We should not start this process until you do.