Email 2.0

This page contains settings, instructions and information about using your email accounts on our new email system, Email 2.0.

We Recommend I.T. Help To Set Up Your Computers

Because every computer and network is different, nine10 cannot provide support setting up or troubleshooting problems with your computer, Internet, network, or phone configuration beyond what is provided here.

Need Help Finding an I.T. Professional?

We recommend other Chamber members. Your best bet to find an IT professional to help with your email can likely be found under the “Computer Networks” category of the Chamber’s Membership Directory:

How to Access Your Webmail

Webmail is a web version of your email. You can access this from any web browser, or your phone, by typing the address and entering your email and password. This requires no configuration of your computers and can be used instantly.

  1. Open in your browser.
    • Replace “” above with your website domain name.
    • For example, if your website is “”, you would enter “” in the browser. Basically, replace the “www” in your website name with “mail”.
    • You can also use if that doesn’t work.
  2. Login with your full email address and password.

Recommended Settings for Email Programs like Outlook/etc.

We recommend using IMAP with SSL to configure your email. This will synchronize your inbox across all of your devices and encrypt all communications between your computer and the server, providing an additional layer of privacy and security.

Incoming: IMAPmail.hostedemail.com993 (SSL)Full Email AddressYour Email Password
Outgoing: SMTPmail.hostedemail.com465 (SSL)Full Email AddressYour Email Password

Tips for this setup

  • Do NOT turn on “Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” in Outlook
  • Turn on outgoing SMTP authentication. Use the same login as the incoming mail server.
  • Enable SSL for incoming & outgoing mail



All Possible Settings Options (For Advanced Users)

TypeServerRegular PortSSL PortUsernamePassword
IMAPmail.hostedemail.com143993Full Email AddressYour Email Password
POPmail.hostedemail.com110995Full Email AddressYour Email Password
SMTPmail.hostedemail.com587465Full Email AddressYour Email Password

Tips for non-SSL setup

  • Do NOT turn on “Secure Password Authentication (SPA)” in Outlook.
  • Turn on outgoing SMTP authentication. Use the same login as the incoming mail server.
  • Use Port 587 for outgoing mail to get around mail blocking by Telus, EastLink, etc.

Email Software & Phone Setup Instructions

The settings pictured in the screenshots in these guides are EXAMPLES ONLY and will not work as shown. Use the settings shown above on this page in place of the ones shown in the guide (for example, the incoming & outgoing server names should be from the charts above, not what is pictured in the screenshots of these guides.) The main settings you need to change from what is pictured here are the server names, your email address/username, your password, and the ports. See the screenshots above as well, for Outlook, for specific tips.