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Troubleshooting Bounced Emails from Your Customers

This guide applies to you if…

  • You have a nine10 webmail address
  • A customer is sending you mail but you aren’t getting it
  • The mail is bouncing back to them OR you are not receiving their mail, but they are not getting a bounce message.

If your customer gets a bounce-back message when they email you

  1. We need to see a copy of the bounce / error message to troubleshoot the issue.
  2. Ask your customer to forward the bounce/error message to (or they can send it to you and you to us)

If your customer doesn’t get a bounce message when they email you

  1. Check your Junk / Spam folder. Some phones/computers/devices might have several junk/spam folders. Make sure to check them all.
  2. Double-check your customer has the correct email address. It’s easy to mistype a name/domain.

Steps you can try to help resolve the problem

White-list your customer’s email address in webmail

You can tell the spam filter to always let certain email addresses through. Do this in Webmail:

  1. Login to your webmail at
  2. Click on Settings in the black bar on the left (it has a gear icon above it)
  3. Click on Spam Settings
  4. In the Allowed Senders box, type your customer’s email addresses, one per line
  5. Click Save