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Real Estate Advertising on Google AdWords in Grande Prairie

How to Use Google to Find the Perfect Headline For Your Print Ads

Surely you’ve searched Google and noticed the sponsored links that appear in the yellow area above the search results: These are called Google AdWords. AdWords …

DrawSomething App Screenshot

Can DrawSomething Teach You To Be a Better Designer?

If you’ve owned your mobile phone for more than a day or two, you’re probably familiar with the app DrawSomething. It’s basically a digital version …

spring cleaning for websites

Time to Spring Clean Your Website

Yes, we’re well aware that there’s still plenty of snow on the ground BUT it’s spring and you know what that means? SPRING CLEANING! Time …

Countdown to 2011

5 Easy New Year’s Resolutions for Marketing Your Business

Tinsel glitters, menorahs flicker, and Bing Crosby’s White Christmas fills the air. But when the festivities are over, the decorations have been boxed up, and …

how color affects your perception

Colour – The Silent Salesperson

Colour conveys meanings and feelings. It stimulates the senses, boosts memory, and is an instantaneous method of conveying messages. It is powerful, persuasive and subliminal. …

rubber band ball guilty of obfuscation

Are you guilty of obfuscation?

obfuscate: to make obscure or unclear; to muddle; confuse; bewilder Potential consumers are busy and sophisticated. They are surrounded every day with thousands of messages …

branding small business

Too Small to Think About Branding? Think Again.

Often we hear people talking about branding like it’s an esoteric voodoo thing that only Fortune 500 companies can afford to do. Or that small …

on air microphone

If Your Brand Could Talk, What Would it Sound Like?

In our last post we talked in-depth about the importance of the visual elements of your brand. We hope that you took away some good information from that piece, and now want to introduce you to another important element: your brand’s voice.

difference between marketing branding promotions

The Difference Between Marketing, PR, Advertising and Branding – Illustrated!

This wonderful illustration explaining the difference between Marketing, Advertising, PR & Branding came from Ads of the World – a great site for advertising inspiration!

5 great things to market your business

5 Great Investments for Marketing Your Business

Here are 5 great things your business can do to market itself with little investment and large return: