Welcome to the process of my very own Branding!


Yep, I’m taking you on a behind the scenes journey of the entire process!

Your branding is defined first by a Brand Strategy – simply put – these are the things that you value on a personal level, how that translates into your business, understanding your WHY – that emotional reason for having your business! Once you are clear on who you are and what drives the fire behind what you’re offering, you will have more clarity on your business and your brand.  This is a big topic that we will dive into another time, but it sets the framework for where we are going now… the build of your visual brand!

Figuring out what you want your brand to look like and what sort of vibe you want everything your customer sees – to give off. How do you communicate your offerings and what do they FEEL like?


1. STEP ONE: The “face” of your business.


Your logo!

I, like most people, did not realize how much went into a properly created logo. There are so many hidden elements, meanings and formats that are taken into consideration.  Here is a video taken by one of our graphic designers giving you behind the scenes access to a logo version idea that was included in my logo concepts:

First we create 3 Logo Concepts to decide on direction of Brand:



Pretty neat right?

Here’s a snapshot of the concept above including the reasons why elements were chosen & more meaning behind them:






There is SO much personal meaning tied into this design. And meaning aside, these are a lot of the elements that will be broken out to create a visual identity and graphics for marketing and branding later on.

In our logo packages we always include 3 different versions to choose from – here are the others!






As you can tell by now, the meaning and thought behind each theme really adds another layer to how it attaches personally to the brand and my why – the emotional attachment to my business. Getting a logo done by a professional brings originality and personalization that’s just not there when doing it generically. The girls here surprised me with all of these ideas and I was already feeling so attached and inspired in how my brand was coming to life.  Oh my heart!

I ended up choosing the one right above this text, option 1.




This project is incredibly special and close to my heart.  But sharing it shows all of you just how meaningful a logo creation can be and how much time and effort goes in behind the scenes to create that. Our designers took pictures of me and my sister, who is a huge piece of why I teach yoga, and combined them into digital sketches.





This right here stopped me in my tracks. Amazing right?

However, it still needed to be a useable logo – this will be my biggest advice to you at the end of the blog – keep reading and I will elaborate on that, but when I say useable in this instance, it is that it needs to be realistic for all types of marketing. How will the sketch look on marketing materials, will it decal/print/embroider okay?

We dive back in. We kept the original meaning and tweaked until it was perfect!





Original Logo Design Includes:

| 6 File Formats
| 5 Colour Versions
| 3 Orientations
| 6 File Formats per Orientation & Colour Version







The biggest thing I tell anyone who’s looking for a logo no matter where you are getting it done – ensure it is useable. Does it come with all of the orientations, colour variations & proper file versions for all touchpoints/vendor uses. Walk away with everything that you need so it’s done once and properly.

Isn’t it amazing to see just how much goes into the building of the face of your business?! Your logo is such a staple to your brand, let is really reflect what’s important to you and how you want to represent yourself so you’ve got a great foundation to build off of for marketing your business and how you choose to show up in the world. This was just a taste of what it means to build a visual brand, stay tuned for the creation of the personality of The Soul Practice including; moodboards, storyboards, graphic elements, icons, business cards, email templates & digital marketing templates to come that are built off of this logo! AND – a new website with the visual branding implemented into it. Literally the full behind the scenes meal deal.


Want to know more about what this process could look like for you? That’s my jam and I would love to chat. Book into my calendar!


Always in your corner xo,



Kate Brown

Kate Brown



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