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Keyboard Shortcuts

Save Yourself! Use Keyboard Shortcuts!

I want to tell you about how Keyboard shortcuts saved my life! Okay well maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but truly, Keyboard shortcuts
marketing analogy canva branding social media

The Iron Chef Kitchen Analogy

Let’s talk about Logos and visual identities. When we create brands for our clients, we deconstruct them, load them into Canva, and train our clients
How to Set Up Styles in Word

Quick Play: How to Set Up Styles in Microsoft Word Documents

Hi there, I’m Paula, the Administrative Assistant at nine10. In today’s quick play, I will show you how to set a style in a Microsoft
Is Line Height the Problem with Your Graphic?

Quick Play: Is Line Height the Problem with Your Graphic?

Today’s tip is line-height. Line height is the space between the lines of text on your design. Most programs will have some sort of setting
How to Set Tabs in a Word Document

Quick Play: How to Set-up Tabs in a Word Document

Hello everyone, thank you for joining nine10’s Quick Plays! I am Paula, the Office Administrator at nine10. Today I’m going to show you how to
How to rename multiple files at one time

Quick Plays: How to Rename Multiple Files at One Time

Hi everyone Nicole here with this week’s Quick Play. This week I wanted to talk to you about search engine optimization and that Google does
Quick Play - Richard - Websites - Contact Info Top and Bottom

Quick Plays: One of the Key Things to Include on Your Website

Hey guys Richard here, with a website tip. Make sure that your website has contact information clearly displayed at the top and bottom of every
Quick Plays: Font Confusion & how to avoid it nine10 inc digital marketing training

Quick Plays: Font Confusion & How to Avoid It

In today’s tip, we’re talking about text overload and too many fonts. Using too many different fonts – and by extension hard-to-read fonts – can
How to create shortcuts for hashtags

Quick Plays: How to Quickly Access Hashtags on Your Phone

Hey, I’m Cris, welcome to Quick Plays! I am one of the marketing coaches here at nine10, and today I’m going to show you how